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Hunt 'N Hut

Length: 5' | Width: 4' | Height: 5'8" | Weight: 19 lbs | Capacity: 2 Adults | Doors: 1 | Windows: 4
  • The Year-Round Sportsman Blind
  • Used by Deer, Turkey, and Duck Hunters as well as Ice Fisherman and Bird Watchers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sets up in under 5 minutes
  • Folds as small as a bow case
  • Stores most bows or guns while in transit
  • Zippered windows with camouflage screens
  • Heavy-duty 420 denier reinforced nylon
  • Water repellent
  • Sturdy, lightweight, self-storing frame
  • Lookout windows on all four sides
  • Multi-purpose carrying strap or deer drag
  • 100% USA products


This is the Story of Hunt-n-Stuff

The most versatile hunting blind ever developed.

  • In December of 1994, seven hunting buddies wanted  to come up with ways to be more comfortable while in the woods hunting.  They had children who were growing up and wanted to start hunting with their fathers, and being in the woods all day was hard for them.  So, on the long drive up to their favorite hunting spot in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, they started talking about what they could do to help solve this problem.  What the came up with is the story of the "Hunt-N-Hut".  


  • The Guys were interested in many types of outdoor activities including: Water fowl hunting,  Turkey hunting,   ice-fishing, as well as all types of Deer Hunting (Bow, Gun, and Muzzle Loader).   They needed something more versatile than the typical hunting blind could offer.  Everyone threw in their ideas, and the  "Hunt-N-Hut" was born.  


  • It was very unique in its compact design and portability,  simple set up and take down,  with the added feature of folding into itself without a lot of hassles.  Along with this, it also gave a large storage area than fit most guns and bows.  With this feature, they could hike into the toughest hunting spots, set up the blind fast, and be very comfortable for the long day's hunt.  When the day is done,   they could quickly take the blind down in the dark and head home,.  Take a good look at the quality of the framework, the density of the fabrics, and its compact design, and I am sure you will agree with the "Hunt-N-Buds" that the  "Hunt-N-Hut" is the most versatile hunting blind on the market today.



The Year Round Sportsman's Blind